The Croptomize digital farm uses statistics and  AI-driven data analytics to decide when to market grain. Our hedging program digests market data every afternoon, crunches the numbers,  and decides the optimal combination of short futures and long puts to best hedge the digital farm’s theoretical bushels.

Currently, the Croptomize digital farm is 42% sold in November soybean futures with the balance of production hedged with SX 900 puts. If prices rally from here, the SX 900 puts will be sold incrementally as futures are locked in at higher levels. If prices only go down from here, the remaining crop is hedged by the puts.

The Croptomize farm remains 25% sold in March corn futures with the balance of production hedged with CH $3.50 puts.

Check out the Croptomize iOS app for futures quotes, local cash grain bids, market commentary, and the latest algorithmic grain hedging decisions made by the Croptomize digital farm

42% Hedged