Croptomize Pro

Know The Best Time to Sell!

Croptomize Pro gives you the tools you need to hedge, whether you’re a do-it-yourselfer using futures and options, or if you just want to know what percentage of your crop should already be sold.

Croptomize Pro includes:

  • Current Year Hedging Model
  • Weekly Market Updates
  • Exclusive Weekly Hedging Report


Croptomize Free

Localized Grain Pricing

Reduce the need to access different source sites for pricing data. The Croptomize app offers the capability to select and compare your basis pricing in one convenient location.

  • All the price details you need at a glance.
  • Select your crops from available grain commodities and compare pricing graphs.

B.S. Checker

Navigating market trends can be daunting. With the B.S. Checker you can validate your market intuition through the use of the Croptomize Frame to analyze the probability of predicted prices.

  • Comparing prices to historical data gives you a sense of how the current market stacks up versus years past.


The Farm CFO

Advanced Options for Managing Your Farm

Need more information that just options and futures? The Farm CFO suite of tools has what you need.

  • Everything in Croptomize Free and Croptomize Pro
  • Exclusive weekly hedging report videos
  • Advanced Futures and Options Analytics
  • Multi-Year Hedging Strategy
  • The Farm CFO Academy where you can watch presentations and courses about improving your farm’s finances and understanding the markets.