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The Croptomize app is now available on the Apple App Store

Localized Grain Pricing

Reduce the need to access different source sites for pricing data. The Croptomize app offers the capability to select and compare your basis pricing in one convenient location.

  • All the price details you need at a glance.

  • Select your crops from available grain commodities and compare pricing graphs.

B.S. Checker

Navigating market trends can be daunting. With the B.S. Checker you can validate your market intuition through the use of the Croptomize Frame to analyze the probability of predicted prices.

  • Comparing prices to historical data gives you a sense of how the current market stacks up versus years past.

Croptomize Pro

The Croptomize Farm is an idealized farming operation that uses advanced data analytics and statistics to optimize grain sales. Compare your grain marketing strategies to that of the Croptomize Farm to learn more about market dynamics.

Croptomize Pro will be released in 2020.

Farm CFO

The Farm CFO is a hub for managing farm financials. With the Farm CFO you can calculate your cost of production, keep track of your production estimates, manage contracts, and so much more.

Farm CFO will be released in 2020.