Welcome to Croptomize!

Croptomize is an algorithmic trading engine that translates market volatility into clear actionable signals for farmers. By leveraging big data and artificial intelligence (AI) our product drives farm profitability by automating risk management decision-making and solving the crucial problem of market timing for grain sales.

What is Croptomize?

Through the use of big data and modern technology, Croptomize brings the financial and marketing tools previously reserved for big corporations to the modern-day farmer. These tools enable farmers to make better financial decisions in the hope of building a sustainable and profitable farming operation for generations to come.

“Croptomize isn’t here to tell you what to do, we’re here to help you figure out the best time to do it. “

Croptomize Pro Features

  • Algorithmic: The decision-making of the hedge program is fully automated and non-discretionary. It does not succumb to emotion. 
  • Continuous Coverage: Croptomize Pro works continuously from spring planting through March of the following year. This allows for maximum flexibility to manage basis, storage, and logistics.
  • Dynamic Hedging: Croptomize Pro is always managing downside risk with a combination of short futures and long puts. If Croptomize Pro likes a crop price it will lock it in by selling futures. If it thinks prices are too low to warrant sales, it will buy puts and wait for a rally. It will also trade back and forth if market conditions warrant.
  • Hedgers & Non-Hedgers: Not comfortable hedging? The signals provided by Croptomize Pro are an impartial third party perspective to help you navigate volatility and optimize cash grain sales.
  • Seasonal Timing: To prevent over-hedging too early in the growing season, the hedge commitment level begins at 50% of theoretical bushels and gradually scales up to 100% algorithmically based on USDA national crop progress metrics.
  • Capture the Carry: Carries are automatically captured with hedges rolled forward at optimal levels according to back-tested results. This allows for maximum flexibility to manage basis and logistics.

Croptomize was conceived and created by two partners with a unique set of skills to bring tools to family farms once only available to Big Ag. Croptomize Pro is one of the tools in The Farm CFO suite of tools where you can learn more and subscribe.


Updates from the Croptomize team

Morning Comments

Wheat is off to the races, corn is under pressure and the food vs. fuel divergence continues.

Another Day of Red Ink

Wheat, corn, and soybeans all fell to lower levels today as the bearish trend marches on.

Ethanol Woes Again

Corn, soybeans and wheat fall to lower levels while ethanol production fell to 570,000 barrels per day in the week ending April 10th.

Easter Monday

Grain markets closed on Easter Monday after a weekend of quiet trade.

Ethanol Woes

Corn reversed from early strength, ethanol plant output fell to its lowest in 11 years and keeping a close eye on the wheat department.

Corn Breaks Losing Streak

Corn futures are rebounding today, ending the streak of 7 consecutive sessions of lower trade.

China Flash Sale

Private exporters reported to the U.S. Department of Agriculture export sales of 567,000 metric tons of corn for delivery to China.

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